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Alpha is out!

Development is moving along quite swiftly, and now we are out of pre-alpha! PLEASE, download Alpha1 and try to break it. That's right. I want you to destroy the thing. Then, post what you did to the BugTracker on this site. Also, if you have some features you'd like to see, post them here, too.

Rock on! Thanks for using Fontanizer!

Posted by J.R. Westbrook 2006-04-10

Last pre-alpha

Hooray! This should be the last pre-alpha release. After that comes some serious testing, then on to some real releases. All the features are here now, save that, after installing a font, it doesn't show up in the list of fonts. I'm working on that one, though. Please leave feedback/bug-reports.

And thanks for using Fontanizer!

Posted by J.R. Westbrook 2006-04-09

Now Online

Well, I've now got the project registered. Now I just need to figure out how to get everything up and running. Expect all to be well within the next few days. The first source release is up. I'm working on an installer, CVS and SVN, and completing the features. Still, the project is very usable (if you can use the source).

Make sure to check back!!!

Posted by J.R. Westbrook 2006-04-05