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FOLK reaches 50%

The patch for FOLK 2.2.5 is now nearly 50% the size of the Linux kernel (2.4.9) itself. most of that is extensions and expansions to the kernel, rather than mere replacements for existing code. The upshot of this is that, should anyone get FOLK to actually run, the horizons won't merely be widened, they'll be blown off the face of the map!

Posted by Jonathan Day 2001-09-22

Houston, we have a problem....

The FOLK project uses GPL code, because that is what is allowed in the kernel and what is allowed under the licence FOLK operates under, on Sourceforge. So, what's the problem? The problem is that some patch authors are starting to notice FOLK and see it as a political threat, not a communal opportunity. In my opinion, this cripples the entire point of Free Software development. As the maintainer for FOLK, I would like to call on ALL GPL developers and interested users to stand by the philosophy they benefit from.

Posted by Jonathan Day 2001-08-31

FOLK project in search of FOLKs...

The FOLK project is now over a third larger than the Linux kernel itself. As it has grown in complexity, it has also grown in conflicts. The project is in need of coders interested in correcting, or even replacing the buggy code. The project website is at:

Posted by Jonathan Day 2001-08-21

FOLK reaches top 20

FOLK activity has been fast and furious, leading to the project blasting into the top 20, and briefly reaching as high as number 8 in the charts. No tours have been announced, so far. With visits down from the 8,000+ hits after the Slashdot mention, it would seem that FOLK is attracting less interest than the official Linux kernel. Now, that IS a surprise! :) Help is still very much wanted (and needed!), as the project spirals upwards in scale and ambition.

Posted by Jonathan Day 2001-08-14

A Brief Look At FOLK

The FOLK (Functionally Overloaded Linux Kernel) project currently stands at 17 completely-merged patches, and 1 partly-merged. 18 capabilities in all, once the merge of XFS is complete. Of these, 3 are SGI projects, 3 are IBM projects, 1 is a HP project, and the remaining 11 are all by independent developers. Methinks the independent coders are wiping the floor, ceiling and walls with the "Big Guys". Keep it up!

Posted by Jonathan Day 2001-06-21

New Kernel Project Needs Help

The FOLK project is aiming to produce a patch containing as many Linux Kernel experimental projects, bug-fixes and tweaks as humanly possible.

The idea isn't to worry about quality, bloat, or any other "detail", but rather to give developers one additional way to showcase ideas and give interested users a way to try things out without having to spend a lifetime finding what's out there, another lifetime upgrading the patch to the current kernel and a third lifetime fixing all the rejected diffs.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Day 2001-06-13