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Pls. tell me about your development process.

  • I want to experiment with your code but I've a problem with the FolderSizeColumn.dll. What is the regular/suggested way to delete it? After stopping the service I think it should be enough to simply "regsvr32 /u" the DLL. But I always get an error (error code: 0x80029c4a) from regsvr32. If I try to remove/exchange the file manually explorer tells me "access denied" (I'm administrator).

    Could you please explain wich steps you use in your build process to exchange the old files against new ones? I already tried to remove all explorer processes but it didn't helped me.

    Regards, Gerrit

    • Brio

      If you want to develop, it may help to uninstall first. The .MSI writer the registry entries for the DLL's directly, without calling regsvr32. That way the Windows Installer service can detect "corrupted" registry keys and automatically "repair" them.
      So just uninstall it, and then regsvr32 the DLL to write out the entries that way. Then you have to restart Explorer. Either kill the process or log out.