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FINGO v0.91 | LINGO gameshow clone

FINGO v0.91 (A LINGO gameshow clone)

Fingo is a word game. The objective of this game is to guess
a hidden five letter word. The computer provides you with the first
letter of a hidden word, and you have to guess the rest.

If your guessed word has same letters as the hidden word in
the right place, you will see a red square over those letters.

If your guessed word has same letters as the hidden word, but in
the wrong position, yellow circle will cover those letters. ... read more

Posted by Faez Khan 2006-09-06

Fingo: Release 0.91


Finally a few users have noticed my game; although its quite a small number, it makes me feel happy to see that my work was not wasted.

I would love to hear from you, if you enjoyed the game please drop in a line in the discussion forum or e-mail.

I started working on this game almost naturally in my free time. I loved an old tv game show, and always wanted to play that game myself, where people used to guess words that were picked by an old commodore computer.... read more

Posted by Faez Khan 2006-07-22