#6 HTML codes not decoded

Frontend (8)

Submitted by Hedzer Westra, address: westrahh [ta]
planet [dot] nl

HTML codes are not decoded in the two locations where
the item title is displayed; see screenshot. The text
should read 'Servië' but in the first location
it's 'Servië' and in the second location
it's 'euml;' with e underlined, probably because Swing
interprets the & as a mnemonic (shortcut key)

Note: I can only download 0.5.0b, but the version drop
down also mentions 0.5.1b and 0.6.0, so maybe this
problem is already fixed in a new (not-for-download)

Happy bugfixing!


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    Hi Hedzer,

    yes this is a known issue. But won't be fixed in the
    upcoming release which is 0.6.0b. I will take care of it in
    the next minor release by adding a html entity resolving
    module. Thanks for your support.

    Best regards
    Sebastian Machhausen
    (Feed'n Read Development)

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    Hi Hedzner,

    i decided to already fix this issue in the upcoming 0.6.0b
    release. News titles are now conditioned in such a manner
    that all HTML entities are now converted to their unicode
    representations. Additionally all potential HTML tags are
    stripped off. This should be a sufficient as resolving for
    news titles to be displayed in the ui.

    Best regards
    Sebastian Machhausen
    (Feed'n Read Development)

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    No, in 0.5.0b release this was an evident problem, but the HTML decoding has been introduced with 0.6.0b.
    So you can get rid of that problem by upgrading to 0.6.0b which you can download from the offical sf site.

    Sebastian Machhausen
    (Feed'n Read Development Team)