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FNET TCP/IP stack: Version 2.2.1 released.

Version 2.2.1 change log:
- Fixed data corruption bug, that can occur using UDP services (e.g. DHCP) with enabled both IP4 and IPv6.
- Updated FreeRTOS specific code. Thanks to Christophe Graulle.
- Added basic BOOTP protocol support, as special mode of DHCP client service. Thanks to Peter Baertschi.
- New configuration parameters:
* FNET_CFG_DHCP_BOOTP defines DHCP or BOOTP protocol to be used.
* FNET_CFG_DHCP_PORT_CLIENT defines DHCP client port number.
* FNET_CFG_DHCP_PORT_SERVER defines DHCP server port number.

Posted by Andrey Butok 2013-01-16