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#23 Allow interpolation of attribute inside TDD file!


Suggestion for improvement of FMPP

1 – Allow access of templates located in a Jar file.
In this context, directory paths would be paths inside
a Jar file. I realize that this can be tricky, but
it would be useful. My application has a number of
FMPP macros that are part of my release package. It
would be nice if I had this capability.

2 – I love the TDD feature in FMPP. It worked out
very well for me because my application has very
complex hierarchical parametization. TDD is
hierarchical and that’s wonderful. I want to suggest
to add to to the capabilities of TDD. I suggest that:
- the user can define properties into TDD (like
Java properties) in a separate section of TDD.
- the properties can be used in interpolation
into the TDD file with ${…}
This might seem like a repetition of what FMPP does.
That is correct. However, I feel strongly that an
extra level of substation would be useful in the TDD
itself. Some constants are repeated in the TDD file
so a property interpolation would be useful.

Colbert Philippe


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    Both are good ideas... (however the 2nd one needs some
    reworking, because ${...} is used too often as static text
    in TDD, so a different syntax should be chosen.). However,
    my FMPP activity is limited to maintenance (as it is said on
    the index page). Of course, contributors who work with
    reasonable quality are welcome.

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