#11 image gallery ant target

Ralf Hauser

Again not just on the mailing list because it is
probably too longterm and out-of-mainstream.

How to boost fmpp adoption - an idea:

More and more people have digital cameras. They
typically download their pictures of the last weekend
trip in a directory, but they would rather publish it
on their own (static) website.
On AppleMac, there is software for this (iView from
MediaPro), but I am not aware of any
opensource/freeware that does this.

There would be two ant targets
1) generate a picture list file (this would traverse
the directory and for each jpg file, an entry (much
like the chapters in
src/docs/examples/xml_infoset/src/data/test.xml) would
be generated.

The user then starts a viewer (e.g. IrfanView to see
als the picutres/thumbnails) and puts the descriptions
between the corresponding tags (e.g. <caption> and

Furthermore few additional parameters could be set in
the same file: HomeUrl/Text, PreviousAlbum, NextAlbum,
logo Img etc.

2) the second ant target uses fmpp to generate a static
album with navigation etc. For example a horizontal
film-strip with thumbnails and the focused image plus
its long desc on the page's main area.

Finally, publish this in download.com and I am pretty
sure, there will be quite some usage.

P.S.: One windows-only solution that is perhaps
comparable is
http://www.ornj.net/software/webalbum/index.html ...
free, but not open source at all (reverse engineering
explicitely forbidden!


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    Please, in general, send stuff to the mailing list. And especially if they are
    non-main-stream requests like this -- this is rather an open discussion
    forum topic, but do not use that either... use the mailing list. So I close this
    request now. (And note that I use dial-in modem access... I guess this
    was enough reasoning in itself... :))

    As of the idea: a point what
    you miss here that the users of photo album generators are typically not
    programmers, and not even web designers. Thus, they can't run Ant, and
    can't edit templates in general, as they do not know XML, HTML, and will
    not ever understand FreeMarker. So, a photo album generator should
    use FMPP *embedded* (FMPP can be used as command-line tool, as
    Ant task, and embedded into other apps.), and show a nice GUI for the
    users. Then, who is more skilled can edit the templates... or an opens
    source developer who want to improve the stuff.

    Also, I'm pretty
    sure I will not develop this software (but, of course, anybody is free to write
    it, as FMPP is under BSD license), because I have inifinite amount of
    other open source related tasks with higher priority.

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