Found it!

Frank Warmerdam is on this list, so I'm awaiting his comments on the structure and his proposed structure.

I think Frank, is trying to build a library for PG that will follow the OpenGIS spec very closely. Our goals are very similar, but I have some problems with OpenGIS. I hope that our devs will help each other, by sharing code.

My problems (in short):
-OpenGIS is 2D vector
-OpenGIS uses Well known Projection Systems which are VERY limited in definition
-OpenGIS uses a schema which does not support metadata as drafted by ISO, ANZLIC, FGDC and others...
-I have problems to understand database schemas, so I made mine...
-OpenGIS has no extension for Raster data
-I'm too slow on this project
-I think it is time that the OpenSource community shows who is making the standards (I'm megalo isn't it?)


Franck Martin wrote:

Well, I'm following freely the OpenGIS specification, but I don't know the
OpenSource Vector database. Pointer?


"Felipe G. Nievinski" wrote:

> Franck,
>     is there a relationship between FMaps' geoobj and the Open Source Vector
> Database?
> Regards,
> Felipe Nievinski.