#696 Incoming/Outgoing Combined SMS for conversations


Hi there!
first off, FANTASTIC software. I just bought a Sony Ericsson w810i,
Im fairly happy with the phone. But the software it came with was a bit of a dissapointment.
the old adage of not using software from a hardware company definitely applies here.
I was VERY pleased when a friend of mine recommended your software, and it seems like its only going to get even better from here on! so KUDOS to you guys for making available such an invalueable software!!!

now to my feature request. =)

I was curious...i LOVE the ability to be able to save my text messages. but i noticed that in the Outgoing txt message box, ther is no indicator of when it was sent. (this information is in the phone and dont see a reason as to why it would not be included)
This would be helpful in piecing together a text message conversation with someone.
Infact that would be my request.
Would it be possible to put a 3rd feature in your software under phone text folders:
1- Incoming
2- Outgoing
3- Combined
Under the Combined Folder it would contain BOTH incoming/outgoing messages
put in the order of the date and time the text messages were sent, and recieved.

Essentially, when an export of the text messages is done from this folder...
it would provide the opportunity to be able to read the text message conversation in the ACTUAL order in which it happened between the two parties.
This would save the tedious task of copy/pasting between the two.

For me this feature would be very valueable...and hope that you may share the same opinion. =)
Either way, THANKYOU for such a great piece of software.
you really have outdone yourselves.