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Flying Circus deb0rkified

Version 0.3.5 works again. Not perfect, but at least no crashes ;-) it is as usable as 0.3.2, with a few new cool features, which include pgedit (not yet very usable as an editor, but good enough as a reader).

Posted by Lalo Martins 2002-09-26

0.3.3 does not work!!!

Well, if you downloaded it you probably know that already :-( the fact is that with the Input Filters update, I should have replaced the calibration tool and I didn't knew that until a few days ago. A new release (0.3.4) will follow in a few hours.

Posted by Lalo Martins 2002-09-22

New (old) release

I'm releasing tonight the version I've been using for the past few weeks and never had time to release. It has support for the silkscreen buttons in the vr3. I plan to release a better one (with input filters and perhaps even snow 1.4) in the next few days, but I can't promise, as I'm starting on a new job.

BTW, as of this version I'm ceasing to bother using bzip2 on the images. The compression is too small to be worth it.

Posted by Lalo Martins 2002-08-01

First working release

I'm proud to present the first release of the flyingcircus romdisk for the vr3 that actually is useful for something. (There were usable versions before, but not released because I wasn't sure I could satisfy GPL requirements.)

This one has Python, PicoGUI, PyPicoGUI, and ZODB.

Posted by Lalo Martins 2002-06-14

Flying Circus takes off

Flying Circus is officially released. Prepare to have a fully Python-powered distribution for your agenda, and some PDA-related Python tools.

Flying Circus 0.1 romdisk is waiting on my machine. I'm not uploading it yet because I'm a bit afraid of recent developments - looks like the source of some components isn't available, violating their GPL. As soon as this is solved or worked around, I'll be releasing - hopefully this week.... read more

Posted by Lalo Martins 2002-01-29