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Daniel c. Würl

I got some ideas for usefule new tools in the toolbar (useful in the sense that I miss them):

  1. Enhanced workspace switcher
    Would be like in some tiling wm', there would be a button for every workspace with its name on it which when clicked would switch to the matching workspace. The button would be of different color or something like that to indicate if there are already windows open on it.

  2. Customazible buttons
    As the name says, a button the user can associate with a command in the config file, would be very handy for programm launchers and the like, could be uses f.e. in combination with fluxbox-remote by the user to implement startmenu buttons or the above mentioned workspace switcher.

  3. Slider/Bar
    A widget of user-defined lenght using its unfocused state to draw a box, and its focused state to fill it to a given degree. It executes a userdefined command on a userdefined timing and expects the std-out it receives to be a number between 0 and 100 to know ho much the bar should be filled. (Could be used f.e. for system monitors without dragging any new libs into fluxbox).

  4. Optionally a third box of fixed size can be drawn at the and of the filling bar snd therefore used as a slider, wich emits at a change of the value (by user interaction) a userprovided command with the new value, f.e. "aumix -s 73", while the user of course supplied the command with a given placeholder, f.e. "aumix -s $1". (Could be used too build f.e. a volume slider, wouldn't drag any new libs into fluxbox, but we could get rid of thick gtk based systray volume sliders). In case of a volume slider, one could use the customizable button mention earlier in this text to provide a mute button or something the like.

I would try myself, but I'm not real a programmer (that much I got when I looked the fluxbox source code), so...

Best Regards, Daniel


  • Gergő Pintér
    Gergő Pintér

    I would also like to see a lanucher tool, and I'm thinking of writing one, but I do not speak C/C++.