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#294 task bar doesn't indicate which window is focused

Mathias Gumz

Also, it is not shown whether a window is minimized. I checked several themes, and none of them knows these, thus it seems like a general fluxbox limitation.

This doesn't have to be very fancy. Simply writing the name of the focused window in bold, and putting parentheses around the name of the minimized windows would be a great improvement in usability.


  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    • assigned_to: nobody --> akir
    • status: open --> pending
  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    (wording: 'task bar' is called 'iconbar' in fluxbox and it is one of the tools which are rendered in the 'toolbar')

    focused window: according to 'man fluxbox-style' there are several ways to change the way the focused proxy of the (one) focused window will look:

    toolbar.iconbar.focused.font: <font>
    toolbar.iconbar.focused.justify: <{Left|Right|Center}>
    toolbar.iconbar.focused.textColor: <color>
    toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.font: <font>
    toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.justify: <{Left|Right|Center}>
    toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.textColor: <color>

    minimized window: i do not see the benefit of marking minimized icons differently. what do you gain? you do not see the window right now, so it must be somewhere else: either it is on another workspace (which is technically the same as minified / iconified) or it is minified. if you want to go to that window: click the icon and (depending on how you configured fluxbox) you will go right to that window. if it is minified, we will deiconfiy it. if it is on another workspace, we will jump to that workspace. if it is minified on another workspace, heck .. we will do both :)

    so, what do you gain by marking minified windows differently in the iconbar?

  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    • status: pending --> open

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your reply, it really was a RTFM error on my side. I checked the styles shipped in Debian testing, and only 3 of 18 use different look for focused/unfocused windows (Debian, Emerge and debian_squeeze_dark). It might be worth increasing this ratio...

    The different look for minimized windows is useful, because clicking on the icon does different things depending on the state of the window (unfocused becomes focused, focused gets minified, minified is restored and gets focus). If a button does different things depending on some kind of state, the current state should be clearly indicated (even if the unfocused and minified states are very similar). The best solution would be to avoid state-dependent buttons everywhere, but the legacy of Windows95 is very resistant.

  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    i toyed around a little bit and decorated the text used in the buttons upon change in minimized / normal state:


    not that impressive / informative. using another theme-resource ( .minimized.font .. ) .. you could implement that as well. i would rather see multiple iconbars as "the" solution:

    * you can now specify matching patterns to make a window go into the iconbar or not.
    * with multiple iconbars you can have unminimized windows in the first iconbar and the minimized ones (or the shaded ones, or the grouped ones, or xyz) in the second iconbar
    * the usual style resources would work here as well. so, something like:

    toolbar.iconbar.minimized.unfocused.font: sans-8:bold

    would just work fine. that would be the route i would go if i would implement this feature :)