#1101 configure script does not detect fribidi correctly

Mathias Gumz
Ryan Schmidt

fluxbox 1.3.5 does not detect the presence of fribidi correctly. I have fribidi 0.19.6 installed but fluxbox's configure script says:

checking whether to have FRIBIDI support... yes
checking for fribidi_version_info in -lfribidi... yes
checking for fribidi/fribidi.h... no

The config.log shows why:

configure:8655: checking for fribidi/fribidi.h
configure:8669: /usr/bin/clang++ -c -pipe -Os -arch x86_64   -I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include -I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include/freetype2 -I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include -I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include/freetype2  -I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include -I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include conftest.cpp >&5
In file included from conftest.cpp:114:
In file included from /Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include/fribidi/fribidi.h:35:
/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include/fribidi/fribidi-common.h:61:12: fatal error: 'glib.h' file not found
#  include <glib.h>
1 error generated.

It can't find glib.h because you haven't added a -I flag for the location of that file, which on my system is /Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include/glib-2.0/glib.h.

This location is included in the output of pkg-config:

$ pkg-config fribidi --cflags
-I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include/fribidi -I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include/glib-2.0 -I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/lib/glib-2.0/include -I/Volumes/Data/macports/mountainlion/include

So perhaps fluxbox's configure script is neglecting to use pkg-config?


  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    yah. you could just use

    env CFLAGS=pkg-config --cflags fribidi configure

    we have a larger build-system related patch in the pipeline which makes the whole configure-stuff more pkg-config centric but so far i was not able to free some time to include it (there were other minor issues with that patch but it would still suck away more time than i am currently have; yeah, lame excuse).

    i ll keep this bug open. it will be closed, when we integrate that build-system-overhaul-patch.

  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: Mathias Gumz
  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    fluxbox uses PKG_CHECK_MODULES now in configure, this should always call 'pkg-config --cflags fribidi' and thus should solve the issue. i close it for now, if it reappears: reopen it.