#1098 Opaque move false freezes conky


Running conky with session.screen0.opaqueMove: false causes conky to freeze up while dragging windows around. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug but it certainly affects anyone who wants to not have opaque moving on.

Fluxbox 1.3.5
Conky any


  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    fluxbox "freezes" all windows so it can xor the border for the non-opaque move. otherwise you would see glitches and fluxbox would not be able to remove what it has drawn.

    i am tempted to just close the ticket but on the other hand we could also use a proxy-window with a border and the content masked out via xshape. should look the same but without the freezing.

    mhhh. anyone who wants to implement a prove-of-concept? :)

  • Liquibyte

    It's a "feature" I can live with. I just had about a week of trying to track down a bug in a lua script that was freezing while dragging and thought it was my code or conky's code until I decided to make a movie so that others could see what was going on and the windows didn't move in the capture so I turned on opaque moving and viola, problem gone.

    Wouldn't there be a way to freeze and xor the window being moved just redrawing that one and not all of them? I've not looked at the code and am not sure I would be able to follow it even if I did but I'll probably give it a go anyway because I'm curious about how windows get managed and the calls to the root window.