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#1084 windows don't raise from tray

future release

Occasionally I hit the following bug. The window disappears from screen, but it is available in the tray. Unfortunately there is no way to raise it back because neither clicking on the tray, nor using maximize/raise from context menu help. I don't see any related errors in logs. I'm using fluxbox 1.3.5 from arch linux AMD64. The problem persists on three my machines.

Anybody else saw this problem?


  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    all kind of apps? special apps? what do you do to trigger this?

    as long as we can not reproduce this it's hard to fix.

  • The bug is very rare so it's hard to provide exact info :(.
    I've been living with it for several month and decided to submit bug report to see if anyone else experienced this problem.

    Seems any kind of apps is affected. Just yesterday I hit the following problem. I started mplayer, it worked but suddenly disappeared from the lxpanel tray and I can't see it on any of my desktops. It continues playing (I can hear the audio). Both lxpanel and fluxbox's status bar don't show the window at all. Even xwininfo -root -children doesn't list the window. So now I think it's rather xorg bug than fluxbox. I sent mplayer SIGSTOP, if someone has an idea what to do with it. Otherwise the bugreport can closed as "not enough info".

    OS: arch linux AMD64, xorg-server 1.14.0-2

    PS here is the "strace -f -s 64" from mplayer: http://dpaste.com/hold/1040285/ (I found nothing interesting there).

  • arclance

    I have had windows get stuck minimized before but I don't know what causes it.
    I can usually get them back by sending them to another workspace using their entry in the tray.

  • Dodécaèdre

    Application: quite-rss.

    This application has the ability to minimise into the icon tray in several occasions (which the user can individually activate or not): start in the tray, go in the tray when main window is closed, or go in the tray when main windows is minimized. The third option cited, going to the tray when minimized, will render fluxbox unable to raise the window again. Window can normally be raised by calling “Show window” from the menu of the icon in the tray. Interestingly, the menu is able to show the window when the application starts into the tray (window is created) or when main window was previously closed (window is created again), and the menu is always able to call the Configure windows (the tray icon menu has an option for that, this window is created and destroyed everytime). However, when the main window is sent into the tray by minimizing, it cannot be raised again.
    Also reported at upstream https://code.google.com/p/quite-rss/issues/detail?id=309 but upstream cannot reproduce (perhaps not using the correct version of fluxbox).

  • Mathias Gumz
    Mathias Gumz

    • Group: v1.3.5 --> future release