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FlowDesigner is a free (GPL/LGPL) data flow oriented development environment. It can be used to build complex applications by combining small, reusable building blocks. In some ways, it is similar to both Simulink and LabView, but is hardly a clone of either. FlowDesigner features a RAD GUI with a visual debugger. Although FlowDesigner can be used as a rapid prototyping tool, it can still be used for building real-time applications such as audio effects processing. Since FlowDesigner is not really an interpreted language, it can be quite fast. It is written in C++ and features a plugin mechanism that allows plugins/toolboxes to be easiliy added. FlowDesigner currently includes the following toolboxes:


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Help Wanted

We are looking for participants for the following tasks :

  • Icon design. We need to create SVG icons for FlowDesigner nodes.
  • System packaging. We need to produce quality packages for Windows, Linux & OSX.
  • GUI developement. We need to improve the GUI and make it user-friendly.
  • Documentation management. Documentation needs to be written.
  • Testing. Unit testing of the FlowDesigner core under all supported systems.
  • Web design.Mostly wiki maintenance,upgrade and reorganization.

Please contact us if you are interested :


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