A new release of JavaFBP, the Java implementation of Flow-Based Programming, has now been put up on SourceForge, and on the FBP web site. The current version (2.5) has the following additional features (also described in JavaFBP Network Syntax and Component API) :

- isConnected() now works on element basis
- port name without element number can be used in place of port_name[0]
- optional array size on openArrayPort (In/Out); annotation should say fixedSize
- if non-optional array, at least one element must be connected
- send to unconnected port element should generate message and crash if "optional" not specified AND isConnected() not used in code
- added an annotation called SelfStarting to indicate that a component starts at the beginning of job even if it has input ports
- you can indicate that you want to check count of entities sent on connection, via an optional boolean parameter specified on connect() method; capacity and optional boolean can be in either order. A sample component has been added called DispIPCounts, which outputs the requested counts at intervals specified in an IIP, just to give an idea of what could be done.
- there are now a couple of "shorthands" to reduce the number of metadata statements needed to describe multiple ports that have the same characteristics - they are described in detail in JavaFBP Network Syntax and Component API .

For details see . The source code is now on SourceForge SVN.

Posted by J. Paul Morrison 2011-09-20