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flophase / News: Recent posts

flophase v0.6 released

  • Added export to tab-delimited file (thanks to zkarampa)
  • Fixed Open dialog to no longer say "Save"
Posted by David Sewell 2013-03-24 Labels: release

flophase v0.5 released

- One bad bug fixed where long term transactions were not saved, sorry it took so long
- Added copy transaction feature for repetitive transactions

Posted by David Sewell 2011-11-03

flophase v0.4 released

A few small additions in this release:

- Accounts now have configurable thresholds to display red and green depending on the account balance
- Can now edit accounts
- Built-in system accounts to aggregate income and expenses
- More consistent date formatting through the application

Posted by David Sewell 2011-05-14

flophase v0.3 released

This release features a lot of code improvements in order to allow more features in the future. The application has also been stabilized and is very reliable. Specifically the following changes were made:

- improved preference management in the core
- fixed bug where focus was not set to the first field on the add account and add transaction dialogs
- flophase will ask you to save when closing or opening a new file
- new time frame menu to control which entries are visible
- better command line argument support

Posted by David Sewell 2011-03-14

flophase v0.2 released

This release improves the core validation and fixes a couple of bugs:
- shell script now works
- fixed account deletion to be functional
- fixed bug when adding a third account
- accounts should now be properly ordered as they are added
- now validating entries, accounts and entry amounts

Posted by David Sewell 2011-01-15

flophase v0.1 released

The first public release of flophase and the base library flocore have been released. It's basic right now but it's mostly functional. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Posted by David Sewell 2011-01-08