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Problems with latest version

  • Power Book, OS X 10.4.7, MLR 24, Keyspan USA -19QW serial adaptor

    Since upgrading to Version 0.0.18 I've not been able to download any data from MLR.

    I get either:

    "An unexpected error has occurred: MLR Sentance wrong termination. You could inform FT developer of the error"


    "An unexpected error has occurred: MLR sentance not recognised: [8b][f5]'[89][e2] etc

    I have tried different Data Output settings.

    Any suggestions? Or is it possible to download an earlier version of FT- which always seemed to work?

    Hope you can help

    Mike Jardine

    • This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, you may download older versions by following the "Files" link above.