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DEM Terrain too flat, and also appears offset

  • Hello,

       Downloaded the two DEM files from the globe page, and have overlayed a calibrated map.

    When the 3-D tracklog is displayed at a 1.0 Altitude scale, it appears vertically in proportion, however the terrain underneath is very flat, with hardly any relief. It also appears a little offset compared to the map overlay.

    The map is calibrated accurately, as the tracklog appears totally accurate when when viewed from directly above.

    Is there some way I can adjust how the DEM data is rendered as regards altitude scale, without affecting the altitude scale of the tracklog? Can the offset also be changed?



    • The world is flatter than you think....

    • Hi,

         Thanks for the helpful remark, but I know exactly how flat (or lumpy) the area in question is supposed to look.

      Do you have any advice as to how to alter the terrain rendering?