Is there any way to print a map with GPS data

  • Some times a printed copy is needed, and there is no Print command, or s Save As (jpg/jpg/tiff), where GPS data is shown, and the map at complete resolution. I can save the window <cmd-shift-4> but it saves a 72dpi picture, text cant be read,
    The save as method would be the best, as you can print in any app or paper size. (Plotters)

    • This function would indeed be very interesting, but there is no easy way to have it implemented. Yoou should add it to the feature request to make sur it is not lost in the middle of all posts

    • I cannot beleive there is no way to print a map with GPS tracks on it. A printed page is a lot easier to take around than a notebook, and since I don't have a notebook but a desktop iMac, I can't show or send anyone my track records. This is a major weakness in the program, i hope it is fixed soon.

      Orherwise, this is a great program!

    • Take a screenshot and print that.