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Flytec 6030 USB

  • I just bought a FlyTec 6030, and its a USB device, not serial.

    Is there a way to use FlightTrack to import my tracks? Or some other Mac software?


    • how does your 6030 work on the mac? which os and computer do you use?

    • Philip Morgan
      Philip Morgan

      I also have a 6030 with USB. If I buy an adaptor for the computer, it seems that I will also have to buy an adaptor for the GPS. That seems really silly. Also, it seems possible that not all the data will be copied over. I would like to find a way to save my files including all the data until some genius mac programmer finds a way to make this program work with usb cable and transfer all the data over.

      As to the question above, I don't think this program currently works (xchanges data) with any mac using any operating system.

    • Chris Cogdon
      Chris Cogdon

      The 6030 is a "serial USB" device. All you need to do is have the right driver installed (for Mac OS X, this is available from Flytec) and then when you plug it in, it appears as /dev/tty.usbserial0 (or whatever is the next available number).

    • Stephan

      Anybody having luck?

      I have downloaded the flytec USB for MAC. I am not sure why other than it was there. Next I plugged in the 6030 and it began to download. Only problem is nothing is downloaded.

      Any suggestions out there? I'm running OSX 10.4.11 on an ibook G4. Their must be a solution other than a new mac with the intel processor.


      • This is a known problem. I have been provided with a test 6030 from Flytec so it will be fixed in the next issue.