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Onlinecontest (CCC) Paragliding/Hanggliding

  • Hello (again)

    Im a paraglider-pilot in Switzerland and I am searching a mac-program to document the tracks for the onlinecontest. In the moment there is no program for the mac. (a big sh.... for me and a lot of my paragliding-friends).

    The nessesary feauters is: 

    download Tracks from GPS (my GPS is a MLR) = it goes with Fligth Track

    saving the Track as a IGC-Files with G-Record = Fligth Track dosent write G-Records

    calculation the points for the the onlinecontest (free-Distanz, Triangle etc.)

    for all spezifications look at: http://www.onlinecontest.org/holc/

    Is it possible, to create the Program Fligth Track with this feauters? 

    That`ll be very nice for all the Mac-Users in Europa. Especially if you could translate it in German.

    Thanks and best regards

    Christof Wenger
    Kehrsatz bei Bern, Switzerland

    • I'm a paraglider pilot from Spain.I need a mac-program for OLC too.
      My GPS is an Aircotec XC-Trainer.FT is a nice sot I think.Last year I used to Maxpukte but Virtual PC don't work 3D .
      It would be a grat thing if...
      Best regards

    • Just having it write G-Records would be a HUGE step.

    • Yes please!

    • I'm a Swiss paraglider too and i need the same feauters. Thanks a lot