• Now that SRTM data is available and usable, how about support for tracks that cross over several "tiles"? Maybe Garmin USB support too?

    • if only waypoints could be downloaded, edited, viewed and uploaded this program would be perfect.

    • We don't really need that though. There are lots of other apps that handle that.

    • I havent found a single app that will work with a garmin GPS and OSX. Terrabrowser and GPS connect work OK, but as soon as you try to edit waypoints or upload to multiple GPS units there is a lot of problems. It would be great to have the feature and an all-in-one programQ

    • You havent used MacGPSBabel, GPSConnect, Link2GPS etc? Works fine with my garmin....

    • Tried them all!!! cant get any of them to work.

    • They work like a champ for me...If you're using USB you have to use the latest GSPBabel.