too fast?

  • Thanks for the great software! I Love it
    but, when I try to play the tracks, it plays way too fast for me. Is there a way to play it as the realtime, it looks like its fast forwarding all the time (I tried playing around with the skip buttons, but that made it even faster!!)

    Thanks again from the skies of Japan

    • In the current version, it is not possible to slow down the playback, it is only possible to speed it up using the skip commands.

    • Thankyou very much for the reply

    • Yes, realtime would be useful for me too. I use FlightTrack to map my wingsuit ( flights, and they usually last about 2 minutes, so skipping points is not really useful for me either. :-)

    • tom wible
      tom wible

      the playback feature is great, but the orientation (mostly) follows the velocity vector. as a sufferer of simulator sickness, i would like the option to specify a constant orientation, either the starting view, or perhaps a fixed location on the display.