On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 12:06 PM, James Turner <zakalawe@mac.com> wrote:

I think we need to get a handle on the 'scenery loading takes 2
minutes' issue before doing a 1.9.1

  Some weeks ago I was looking around the database thread and
I got the impression all --random-objects are getting copied. As in
each object is a full-blown copy, not an OSG node reference to a
single instance of the object. I may be wrong, I was  just reading
around that part.

  Surely disabling random objects makes a great difference in
load times, I never use random objects.

  I havent "cvs update"d in a few days, but merging both
the "use OpenThreads atomic" and "use display lists for
shader trees" would benefit win32 users and general fps.

 I'll see if I can merge soon and repost a patch.

Completely wild guess - hitting a slow path in OSG or the driver due
to some missing feature / unsupported extension? Since it does
*eventually* start, if given long enough.


Happy new year :)