On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Pete Morgan <AC001@daffodil.uk.com> wrote:
Curtis Olson wrote:
> I agree that a bug tracking system is a good thing.  My thoughts &
> hopes are that once we finalized what we were doing with our eventual
> move away from CVS,  We would move our code to a system that offers a
> number of developer features including an integrated bug tracker.
> Google does offer a nice system, but long term, it would be nice to
> just use the bug tracker associated with our project, rather than
> setup a completely new project and only use the bug tracker out of it.
> Curt.
for me as an intermediate user, If there is a facility to report bugs ie
PIEPR's then that would be cool.

So at the moment This site is for identifying bugs only.. No less or
more. It will be seperate atmo from source..

However recognising the bugs is THE issue.

eg one of the  three paths
1) dont set up a bug tracker and ignoire them
2) Have a bug tracker and then ignore them
3) Have an active bug tracer and identify problem area and resolve issue..

4) Send a report to the developers that there is a bug u need to fix..

Curtis .. please endorse and go for this bucktracker please.. At least
that way we can all complain until we sort it.. ;-)

this way it will be a steady eddie ;-)
the SCM is another issue

I'd be more inclined to use the bug trackers at http://code.google.com/p/simgear and http://code.google.com/p/flightgear but those sites are currently tied up with svn versus git versus hg discussions.

Personally I think it could turn into a mess if we fill up this new site with a bunch of bug reports and then have no way to move them to the official site(s) later.  We also have bug trackers available at our sourceforge registered projects.  I always felt the sourceforge bug tracker was kind of slow and clunky.  The google bug tracker seems much nicer, and it appears it is integrated with the repository so you can reference specific patches or branches.  That would be harder to do if the bug tracker lived at a completely separate project name.  We lose much of the cool functionality that google offers.


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