On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 8:33 PM, Matthew Tippett wrote:

I would like to raise the question of a flightgear CVS snapshot being
made and hosted.

There was a video recently posted of a demonstration of (what I believe
is) Tim Moore's OSG based camera system (8 displays connected to one PC)


this was picked up by Phoronix.com


Now Phoronix is wanting to do a bigger article on the multi-display
support from ATI, which will include how to set up flightgear on many
displays.  Once that article is out of the way, Phoronix is also looking
at enabling automated testing for flightgear based on the multi-display
and data playback capability in Phoronix Test Suite.

To achieve all this, Phoronix will require a declared CVS snapshot on
flightgear.org to hook it all in together, although not a formal
release, a snapshot tarball for both scenery and code will be better
than "some CVS point in August".

In the past been working with Tim Moore, but Red Hat seems to be keeping
him very busy.  Is there anyone else on this list that would be willing
to declare a snapshot and host it on flightgear.org?

Hi Matthew,

I made an unofficial snapshot a couple weeks ago that ended up on two ATC flight simulators (ATC is the company name, not the function) at a school on Long Island.  It's not too hard to make a source snapshot if I don't worry too much about release notes, change logs, binary builds, etc.  I've been wanting to move towards some sort of regular developer snapshots, but I've had too many things on my plate.

I have a coworker in town this week to do UAS flight testing so I'll be tied up with that most of this week.  But if you ping me later in the week I would have more time to think about this.

BTW, just to wander off topic here ... I added a simple extension to the way point system on our UAS so that waypoints can optionally be specified as an offset heading and offset distance (rather than a fixed lon/lat.)  The ground station can send up a new reference point periodically and the UAS will compute a new route relative to the new reference location.  And then the UAS will trickle the new points back down the ground station so you can see the updated route on the map.  We have an application (debris/junk survey) where NOAA wants to fly a survey pattern out in front of a moving ship ... static routes don't always work well out there ... especially if the ship has drifted a mile or two between when you program in a route and when you get clearance to launch.  It's need to click on the map and say "move the reference location here" and watch the route adjust itself.

BTW, really neat stuff with the 8 monitor demo!  If I had to nitpick, I'd suggest that (at least from the video) it appeared that not every display was identical in size?  Also, with Tim's most recent CVS changes, it's possible to adjust the view parameters for each monitor to account for the gap between monitors (i.e. so it doesn't look like you sliced up an image into 8 pieces and then spread them apart.)  And if I was getting really nitpicky, I suggest that it might be fun to go blasting up some valleys in the mountains east of seattle somewhere, although flying around SFO isn't a bad choice either ... perhaps some dusk/dawn flying would have been fun too ...  (But I do realize there is only so much you can show in a couple minute demo.)


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