It´s possible in a FG aircraft add a animation (via XML), or something like, using OSG:Light to create a spotlight, or a beacon that is light emissive and others objects reflect its light? I want to know if is possible create something like


read more here http://www.cuboslocos.com/tutorials/OSG-BasicLighting

And maybe associate a spotlight effect to a object (beacon, landing lights...) as we can see here http://www.cs.clemson.edu/~malloy/courses/3dgames-2007/tutor/web/spotlight/images/spotlight.png

More at http://www.cs.clemson.edu/~malloy/courses/3dgames-2007/tutor/web/light/light.html and http://www.cs.clemson.edu/~malloy/courses/3dgames-2007/tutor/web/spotlight/spotlight.html

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Isaías V. Prestes