On 26 Jul 2013, at 20:11, Alan Teeder <ajteeder@v-twin.org.uk> wrote:

I have added a washout/high-pass filter and an integrator to the XML autopilot. Also I have added aliases to the exponential filter so that it may be also called low-pass or lag and an alias to the noise-spike filter so that it can also be called rate-limit.
README.digitalfilters is updated to match, as well as incorporating the undocumented derivative filter and mentioning the use of expressions.
How should I submit these for review? Please donĀ“t ask me to use git, as I am very good at screwing my own repos up and would not like to do the same to fgdata.

I would greatly prefer you to use Git, possibly after a discussion about workflow and suchlike. If that's utterly impossible you can post a diff or patch here and we can review it. 

Note that if you use Gitorious' merge-request system, and you can't screw up FGdata, but of course that doesn't help with making a glorious mess of your own...


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