Leave them in CVS for now. Perhaps someone will be interested enough to adopt one or more of the orphans and give them a bit of TLC. If not – well they will wither and die over time. No harm done either way.


Pity that such a talented member of the development team should choose to become an ex-member.


My 2 pence-worth




Referencing the attached email from Gerard Robin who has a number of his aircraft included in FlightGear CVS.  He has indicated to me that he is no longer interested in maintaining the CVS versions of these aircraft.  This puts us on an awkward position.  Should we leave these aircraft in CVS as unmaintained entities that will accumulate cruftiness and work less and less well as FlightGear development goes forward?  Do we find someone to monitor updates on Gerard's web page and try to keep these aircraft up to date in CVS ourselves (assuming his license terms allow that?)  Do we remove the aircraft entirely from CVS?  Do we wait and see if Gerard changes his mind again next week?



---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: gerard robin <>
Date: Thu,
Mar 26, 2009 at 5:42 AM
Subject: Remove right access to CVS FlightGear/data

Hi Curt,

You probably noticed that i have stopped to update on CVS data, every model
that i am working on.

[snipped out the reasons why, but judging from the original CC list, this arises from an ongoing feud with a single FlightGear developer ... this is my (Curt Olson's) interpretation.  Gerard can discuss those reasons on the list of he chooses to.]

Consequently, for  the  health of the community, in order to avoid any noise,
at least coming from me, i whitdraw from any official "contribution" .

I will continue to work , with FlightGear like i did in the past, for
friends , and for me.
I know that i am not alone within that external FlightGear community.
I ever offered  to people who like it, my work.

To conclude, could you remove my right access to CVS FlightGear/data ?
I guess that this would be better for the security of FlightGear.

Thanks for your work.



J'ai décidé d'être heureux parce que c'est bon pour la santé.

Curtis Olson: