Hello there,


In the http://wiki.flightgear.org/Howto:Set_up_a_multiplayer_server article/page.


I found on this line in the CompilingFGMS section:


Once the program has been installed, you need to copy the fgms_example.conf file from the /fgms/fgms-0-x/src/server directory, into the build-fgms directory. To do this from inside the /fgms/fgms-0-x/src/server directory, you can use this command: cp ./fgms_example.conf ~/build-fgms/


I do exactly what the tutorial says, but I get stuck when it gets to fgms_example.conf, which I can’t find in the directory that it says its in.


Could you please help me? Also, Do servers have to be on a specific port?