Hi all,

time flies when you're having fun. Apparently I had too much fun last month; because it's already time
for a new edition!

Altough there was a little less aircraft development going on this month, we do have some nice other
developments to mention. Special attention is in place for the excellent scenery work done by ot-666
on the Innsbruck area. On the hardware side, there's some interesting news about Arduino (a way of
interfacing FlightGear with hardware). Arduino is currently being further tested/used by several FG-users.

For now, enjoy reading at http://wiki.flightgear.org/index.php/FlightGear_Newsletter_February_2011
I would like to emphasize the need for contributions from all of you, as always. Even if it is "just" adding
one screenshot, or correcting someone else's English. I would like to thank all those that contribued to
the January edition! Without the help of all those people, the newsletter would have "died" long ago ;)

Contributions for next month's edition are welcome at this page




PS: If you spot faults/typos in one of the already-published newsletter, please contact me so I can fix them.