What it ATC... ?

My plan is to work with   Mr Master ATC in Frakfurt..
But how do we do that...

AFAIK the sid and star and kind of the recipie..

So Stutggart is an atraction because of that...
My questiion is how do we make it a "hand over of control"
of "observer"
The enviroment is created  by jommo.. but we need many jommos..

What this leads to is an enviroment where u eitheer aare in ATC control
Or not..

I would like myself with a frankfurt...
to create a kinda ATC course..

The vision though is to take jommo a bit further..
This would be a good change..

Now I am really interested in this and I think is a cool way to introduce the whole envirement...

This is crucial to the sucess fo FG in my head,...
The chat line and the stability of fg recplaing vatsim..

Big question to my mind is...
Can someone explain the difference between vatsim and the otherss..??

Server wise I ussed to un biasva.com.. but the pilot is so stubbord I am not allowed to get near the    aaricraft i wanna fix..

the idea kindaa,..
Mass ditrib and de central atmo for example..