Hi all
I don't know if anyone else has come across this but a couple of times lately while doing
some devel work I have had the set file go rogue on me.
Today I wanted to try a jsb fdm on an aircraft that had a yasim fdm originally.So I put the
yasim fdm and the set file away somewhere safe while I played around.After getting the jsb
fdm to work I pulled the jsb fdm and the set file out and sent them to the rubbish bin and reloaded
the yasim fdm and it set file.The original set file was called 737-900ER.When I started the sim to my
surprise it aborted saying that I had the wrong fdm for jsb to run.Having had something similar
a couple of days ago I changed the set file name from 737-900ER to 737-900 and low and behold
the yasim fdm runs.Just changing the set file name fixed the problem.If I change the name back to 900ER
I get the problem again.
So were is FG hiding this information about old set files.I even ran an A/C the other day with no set file
in the aircraft folder at all without a problem.
What is happening here?.


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