How exciting!  Just a couple minor typos:

"Humidity and other whether effects" should read
"Humidity and other weather effects"

"A more effient ground cache" should read
"A more efficient ground cache"
"Winds over mountaineous areas" should read
"Winds over mountainous areas" (unless that's a regional spelling I'm not aware of?)

"Wild fires, which can be extinquished by firefigherplanes" should read
"Wild fires, which can be extinguished by firefighter planes"

That's all I noticed in a quick scan...

Robert M. Shearman, Jr.
Transit Operations Supervisor,
University of Maryland Department of Transportation
also known as rmsjr@umd.edu

From: Durk Talsma <d.talsma@xs4all.nl>
To: FlightGear developers discussions <flightgear-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>
Sent: Mon, February 8, 2010 4:48:23 PM
Subject: [Flightgear-devel] FlightGear 2.0.0 Announcement text + Summary of ChangeLog

Hi all,

FlightGear 2.0 should be out any minute now. While waiting for the official files to appear on the server, I have drafted a short summary of the ChangeLogs. Please have a look and see whether I missed anything or
accidentally included incorrect information.



FlightGear 2.0.0. reflects the maturation of the OpenSceneGraph port that started with the previous 1.9.0 release. In addition to many internal code improvements, FlightGear 2.0.0. marks the introduction of many new
exciting improvements in the graphics and sound system, as well as improved usability of key features, and improved behavior of existing features. Highlights of this new version include:

  * Complete Overhaul of the Sound Code
  * doppler effects
  * distance attenuation
  * 3D positional sound sources
  * assignment of sound sources to external objects (i.e. AI controlled aircraft)
  * User selection of the sound device

Visual Effects
  * Use of Shaders for dynamic textures
  * Use of Effects files
  * Improved 3D Clouds
  * Color changes based on Humidity and other whether effects allow for very dramatic lighting conditions
  * Dynamic water textures

  * Allow screenshots in more common file formats
  * User selectable sound device
  * More intuitive selection of the weather settings through the GUI and/or commandline

  * Airport Geometry data can be read from the scenery, allowing for more flexible regeneration of terrain tiles

  * Improved efficiency of the property tree
  * A more effient ground cache
  * Many improvement to the RouteManagement code
  * Removed many compiler warnings
  * More realistic Atmosphere model (John Denker)

  * More realistic ILS behavior (James Turner)
  * Autopilot Improvements (Torsten)
  * A generic autobrake function
  * Winds over mountaineous areas cause up- and downdrafts that can be used for gliding
  * More realistic behavior of the route manager
  * Wild fires, which can be extinquished by firefigherplanes operating across the multplayer server
  * Navaid frequencies and radials can be transmitted to Atlas

  * A python script to visualize Yasim configurations in Blender

  * Allow traffic departing and arriving at the same airport
  * Add support for High-Speed Trains
  * ATC interactions between AI aircraft and ground controllers
  * Performance characteristics of AI aircraft can be specified in a performance database
  * Push-back vehicles are available for a selected number of aircraft
  * AI escorts (???: Ask Vivian)
  * Improved Radar functionality (Vivian)
  * AI objects are now solid (i.e. users can collide with them)
  * Some preliminary support for SID/STAR procedures for AI aircraft

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