No, we don't (yet).

I don't know if OSG support something like that. If so, first it has to be implemented - that means a lot of work in hard code. (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Indeed it would be another very nice feature, but before that, I would like to see Tim's work on object shader library, so we can use shaders on objects materials like we now use in CVS on the terrain materials. 



still in work: http://www.hoerbird.net/galerie.html
But already done: http://www.hoerbird.net/reisen.html

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Gesendet: Sonntag, den 30. August 2009, 18:14:32 Uhr
Betreff: [Flightgear-devel] Normal maps

Do you know if FlightGear supports normal or bump maps for better textures? And if no, will FG ever support them? Normal maps would be a very good way to get high details with good peformance. E.g. you could have every screw in your cockpit looking like 3D but ab better framerate. It would also be great for little gaps and small damages on the fuselage.

-- Mo (Blender3D)

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