Hi Syd,
On 31 Dec 2010, at 08:55, syd adams wrote:

I see a large portion of mine could be affected.... I can change all
those to fit the new layout.
So how do I go about committing updates ?
Who do i contact about write access , or is a merge request the way to go?
Or possibly create a gitorious repository for each of mine ?

Would guess that making one personal clone would be sufficient. You can push changes for all your aircraft to that repository and create a merge request once you believe your changes are ready to be merged into fg/gitorious. I personally, prefer merge requests, because it's a very convenient way to check what changes are still required to handle. I have read some reports that creating the merge requests is a bit tricky at the moment do to gitorious capacity limits, but I cannot comment on that right now.  

And Happy New Year , everyone!

Thanks! I wish to second that.