On 30 May 2012, at 21:05, Harald Johnsen wrote:


AI aircraft models are often aircraft models that were re used so they are normally not at ground level as is ; some of them were pushed a bit in the up direction, some have a z offset in their xml animation file, and others even have an offset in the AI traffic files.
Note that today AI models that have an offset in the AI traffic files can not be used of AI scenario for example.

Since I'm actually working a bit on AI aircraft animations, I propose to not use the offset tag in the AI traffic files (ie doing as if that offset was null) and to update all the AI models (or their xml file) that need to be updated (that must be like 20 models that need to be updated, 18 are already correct as is).

Your thoughts ?

Hi Harald,

Would prefer the simplest possible solution, allowing us to remove one of these, and I believe that the offset in the traffic files should be the one to go. So I would support your suggestion.