On 29 May 2012, at 22:03, Thomas Geymayer wrote:

The code is already include into flightgear/next, but some fixes and the
Nasal API are waiting to be merged into flightgear and fgdate respectively.

I have already tested many scenarios but it would be great if you can
try it out on your own and report bugs or provide some feedback :)

Please see http://wiki.flightgear.org/Canvas_Properties for more details.

The long term idea is to eventually port some other 2D elements to this backend (eg the HUD and 2D panels) so they use OSG (and osgText) natively, and hence reduce the amount of C++ code we have for these jobs. (And increase our chances of working with never OpenGL versions that forbid old style GL calls) 

Long-term here means 'after 2.8 at least'.

In the meantime the more testing and feedback we can get the better. In particular this system should offer a much more efficient way to build CDU interfaces than many text animations, but as always it needs people to experiment and report what features are missing to make their life easier.

Creating a 'fgcanvas' client analogous to 'fgpanel' should be doable too, since the canvas simply renders to a single osg-Camera. Unlike fgpanel this will require OSG instead of raw GL of course, but that's the price we pay for unifying the rendering backend.