oh thanks very much, i'll try the pedal's effect.. modelling a Russian helicopter is an interesting thing.

-Cesar Gastón

2009/10/29 Heiko Schulz <aeitsch_13@yahoo.de>

> Hi, i'm playing a little with Yasim FDM
> for helicopters, modifying some xml parameters. I run my
> Flightgear 1.9 on ubuntu 9.04_64
> i found i can't change the rotation of the rotor. I
> understood changing the "ccw" parameter in the
> yasim configuration file from 1 to 0 in any helicopter then
> the rotor turns in clockwise, but it doesn't happen.

It does, but you have to change the animation as well. You will notice when you suddenly have to step into the other pedal to stop the jaw...
So it is more an animation issue.

>...just the rotor 3D object turns
> clockwise (the 3D rotational axis is z negative), the main
> rotor is still counterclockwise
> (/rotors/main/blade/position-deg increases, a clockwise
> rotor should decrease this value?).

So much as I know this is more a nasal thing, as the YASim-heli-fdm don't have support for engines, and this is faked by a nasal script. This "position-deg" is more for animation. (The bo105 uses this, the s76 make use of rotor-rpm for that as an example)

> does the ccw="0" change the "Dissymmetry of
> lift" effect anyway?

The YASim-heli-fdm simulates all things very accurat except engines and vortex-ring-state!
> thanks (sorry my limited english)
> -Cesar Gaston
I hope I could help, maybe Maiks reads here and can answer further details.

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