On 28 Dec 2012, at 21:40, Stuart Buchanan <stuart13@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm very keen that the atmospheric light scattering and procedural
effects are merged fully into both the "classic" and Rembrandt
renderers, and would absolutely be part of any team effort to make it
happen.  I'd really like to get to a position where the Atmospheric
Lighting checkbox in the Rendering dialog can be removed, as the
elements of the atmospheric renderer are simply part of the classic
and Rembrandt rendering schemes.

As part of that I think I need to make some changes to the Basic
Weather to populate the appropriate properties.  Thorsten - are the
properties documented anywhere?

Other than that I don't have any significant plans for the next
release, though I do have some small projects in mind:
- Improvements to the A-4F
- Improving random building placement.  While it looks OK for towns,
buildings aren't placed very well in cities.
- AI Tanker enhancements to allow users to select from a range of
tanker models.  This is particularly relevant for naval probe-equipped
aircraft, where there is a much greater variety of tanker types.

Stuart, Thorsten, your respective goals sounds great to me. As always, if there's any help you'd like, just ask.

And I absolutely agree with getting rid of confusing checkboxes by making features 'just work' - especially something that works as nicely as the atmospheric effects.

Stuart, one thing that caught me out earlier today with using 2D cloud layers - while using a 2D layer and modifying visibility inside the layer is working quite well, the edge (moving vertically) is very sharp. I wonder if there's some technique to perturb the top and bottom of the cloud layer as the view transitions them, so it feels more natural. Or maybe there's even better ways to handle overcast / broken layers than the current 2D approach?