Great job John. Thanks very much.

From: John Davidson
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 2:47 PM
To: FlexWiki Users Mailing List
Subject: [Flexwiki-users] gardening

I have completed an aggressive effort to weed flexwiki of the various weeds that have accumulated while we were pushing to get version 2.0 completed. 

The majority of the link spam and random letters has been removed from the site. I can not pretend to have gotten it all. If anyone finds more please remove it. If you are unsure what to do or if it is really spam just update the possibly offending page and I will investigate.

I have disabled remote editing via the WebService for the time being, as it was being misused to create link spam and other mischief. I intend to implement a whitelist for IP Addresses allowed to use this functionality. 

I have also enabled CAPTCHA for edits with more than 5 new links. Craig did a really nice job of making this minimally invasive. I considered making CAPTCHA required for all edits, but do not feel that is required, as the amount of problem edits remains less than 3 per day (the update to the blacklist has also stopped a lot). There are still a few bots (2 I think) hitting the wiki at various times, but as they only edit one or two pages I can manually handle the fixups for now.

John Davidson

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