There are currently some issues with the FlexWiki site that are being addressed and hopefully will be resolved shortly.

I have a HomePage with most of the relevant content that you are looking for, at:

A listing of all objects, methods and properties is at:

Other relevant links are at:

And finally an interactive search facility for WikiTalk capabilities is at:

also the site has numerous WikiTalk examples from the basic level to advanced techniques.

John Davidson

On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 10:36 AM, Lucy Mendel (Artech) <> wrote:


Id like to learn how to write wikitalk scripts, but all Ive been able to find through google are empty FlexWiki homepages and namespace snippets: @@federation.Namespaces.Collect{

each | [" * ",


".HomePage"].ToOneString), each.Name), Newline] }


Is there a WikiTalk library reference somewhere? Id like to know what properties and methods are available, and what the language syntax is.



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