Hide "Batch format results" popup

  • oxk4r

    Is it possible to set up FlexFormatter for not show the "Batch format results"
    popup window after format the code? Thanks.

  • Ernest

    It is not currently possible. Why does having the popup window cause problems?
    Are you using the formatter context menu to format individual files? The
    "format on save" option and toolbar buttons will not show the "Batch format
    results" window.

  • Pablo

    I agree with oxk4r, in my opinion, since the command returns straight from the
    context menu without any wizard or equivalent, it seems to me that such
    message belongs in the console or the log. An alert in case of error sounds
    justifiable, though. But again, the only time I've got an error (with is
    great, kudos to that) with this plugin is when formatting non flash content
    (which is not that nice, since the command doesn't seem functional in other
    If you still disagree, perhaps having the focus on the ok/close button can
    still be an improvement, since the pop-up window's content being editable
    doesn't appear to have any usage.
    Actually, I've been wanting to look at the code for this and other minor UI
    tweaks, and do them myself, but I haven't seen the source code neither on SF
    or google code, since you are using the BSD license… where can I find it?
    Thanks and good job, you got half the flash world using your plugin

  • Ernest

    I don't mind adding an option to not show the batch dialog (send output to
    console instead). But I'm still curious: do you typically use the batch
    operation on a project? On a single file? The operation is synchronous and
    potentially long running, so I thought it was kind of nice to have a dialog
    pop up at the end to report the results, but I'm not wedded to it.

    The source code is here on SF. I wrote up some instructions on how to download
    and build here: https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/flexformatter/index.ph p?title=BuildingFromSource

    Of course, I would prefer to incorporate your changes if reasonable rather
    than having forked versions out there.

  • Ernest

    I've added an option to send the batch dialog data to the console instead of
    the dialog unless there are errors. This will be in the next release.