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FL gamebooks republished; new books to come!

But it depends.

The first four Fabled Lands books are already available on and see Dave's blog for details ( The next two books are soon to follow.

Sadly, the authors (and publishers) do not do this out of charity; the remaining books will only be written if these new editions sell well. So it's up to you. If you've enjoyed this application, please consider buying some or all of these new editions. As much as I've tried to capture the gamebook experience, there's a certain tactility missing; an awareness that the book you hold is only so long, yet might unravel in unpredictable ways. Finding your eye drawn to an interesting reference and wondering: how the hell do I get there? Plus, you get to cheat.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Mann 2010-12-03

Fabled Lands v1.0.4 released

A new version of FLApp, the Fabled Lands App, is now available. Relive the joy of gamebooks without the tedious record-keeping and page-flipping. Huzzah!

This version fixes a number of general problems:
- improved mouse detection on clickable text
- book text is properly encoded (no gibberish characters)
- fleeing actually works (again)
plus various specific sections. Enjoy!

Posted by Jonathan Mann 2010-06-24

The Fabled Lands blog

This project now has the authorial blessing of Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson! To read more about forthcoming Fabled Lands material (yes, hope springs eternal) and other projects, follow their blog at:

Posted by Jonathan Mann 2010-02-27

Fabled Lands App v1.0.3 released

FLApp is an adaptation of the Fabled Lands gamebook series, an interlinked set of single-player RPG books. The program presents the original text as closely as possible, displaying a sequence of pages with actions that the player can take embedded as hyperlinks. The game system and overall flow is controlled by the program, leaving you free to enjoy the prose or concentrate on power-gaming.

This version fixes a number of minor bugs:
- removing a single curse when multiple ones were present is fixed;
- workaround for the "shell folder ID" bug on Windows;
- works on latest JRE for Mac OS X (fingers crossed).... read more

Posted by Jonathan Mann 2009-10-26