FlameRobin 0.9.1 snapshot for Windows, Linux,Macosx

Michael committed a few things during the last days, fixed bugs and
implemented one or two feature requests.

Among them are

  • support for database login with empty password
  • support for trusted user authentication for Firebird 2.1+
  • better support for non-ascii metadata in UTF8 databases
  • support for read-only transactions and different transaction isolation levels in the sql editor form
  • milliseconds precision in the sql editor log
  • user preferences for home key behaviour and auto-indent in the sql editor
    and I’d be glad if people found the time to check things out and post
    bug reports for stuff that isn’t working.

Michael uploaded a setup for Windows XP 64 and Vista 64, could those of
you using one of those systems please try it and report success or failure?


Posted by mariuz 2008-12-10