Tiling Support

  • Richard Bell
    Richard Bell

    Guys, great project, respect for all the work.

    Have been checking through the release notes but would help if you could let me know if tiling is available on the Windows version ( I could only see references to it relating to the Mac version).



  • Keldor

    Tiling is not currently supported in the Windows version.  Right now, I'm working on transitioning to an OpenCL version, which is nearly ready for a technical preview version.  However, even after that, there are a number of things that will need to be done before I get around to tiling, such as compatibility with flam3 flame files.  The largest feature of the OpenCL version is a new file format which supports things like custom variations, and eventually other sections of the code will be able to be specified by the user.  It also supports 3D!