Have you guys seen Fractron 9000?

  • Another CUDA flame renderer - only 5 variations. But: included editor for the transformations, preview during rendering and FAST. Freeware, but not open source.

    Maybe you guys can draw some inspiration there.

  • Keldor

    Pretty neat.  I particularly like the interface for manipulating the branches (or xforms in flam-speak).  I'll have to show it to the fr0st guys (fr0st is a flame editor that can use flam4 as a rendering backend), there are some nifty things that could improve our interface.

  • Samuel Pettey
    Samuel Pettey

    i noted fractron 9000 renders blurry & spotty in comparison.

  • Matt

    I think Fractron9000 has the cleanest interface. The renders look beautiful to me. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be much activity on that page, or on this one for that matter. Did I miss the fractal boat? I hope not.